Dehumidifying capacity: 10.2 – 80 kg/h*
Dry air efficiency: 3,700 – 33,700 m3/h

8. bdhm h - BDHM_H
  • total power consumption 3 times lower than a standard adsorption dehumidifier
  • principle of operation is a mix of adsorption cooling and drying
  • no need to install humid and regeneration air wires
  • possibility to achieve low dew points, up to DP = 10°C
  • insulated panels 50 mm width made of stainless steel or steel painted grey, built in aluminium profiles
  • heat pump compressor with continuous cooling efficiency regulation ensures high economy of operation
  • possibility to design a configuration perfect for the customer, electric switchboard with control system by default
Technical data:
Dehumidifier type Capacity* [kg/h] Humid air **[m3/h] Power consumption [kW]
BDHM100H 10,2 3700 6
BDHM145H 14,4 5200 8,5
BDHM170H 17 7400 10
BDHM280H 28 12000 15
BDHM500H 50 20900 34
BDHM630H 63 26600 43
BDHM800H 80 33700 55

*for process air conditions t=+20⁰C, 60%RH

**for density 1.2 kg/m3

  • mechanical humidity sensor to control the device
  • electronic humidity regulator to control the device
  • possibility to use additional filters, heater or air cooler
  • possibility to communicate with the device by Modbus protocol
do opisu adsorpcyjne osuszanie powietrza - BDHM_H


Adsorption dehumidification technology is the most efficient dehumidification method. It is characterized by high efficiency and durability. Adsorption, washable drying rotor is the most element of the device. It can work 10-12 years, depending on operation conditions. Humidity that is removed from the air is adsorbed at the rotor surface and it does not interfere with its structure, so the rotor maintains its drying features for a long time.

within the full range of humidity (0 to 100% RH) and very wide temperature range, including temperatures below zero (-25C to +40C). Using adsorption dehumidifiers by LEWACO gives the option to achieve very low dew points (e.g. DP=-20C, DP=-25C for special versions).

Another advantage of adsorption dehumidifiers that is a result of their amazing durability is the possibility to achieve the effect of appropriate dehumidification with minimized amount of air necessary for this process. As a result, ventilation ducts and sizes are smaller.

Adsorption dehumidification basing on LEWACO devices can be used in all weather conditions, with all humidity levels, and guarantee efficient solution of the problem of humidity for long years.