COMPACT DHM…C DEHUMIDIFIERS – a single common fan

Dehumidifying capacity: 0.6– 4.2 kg/h*
Dry air efficiency: 140 – 700 m 3 /h

Compact, adsorption dehumidifiers DHM combine high efficiency, solid design and small dimensions. Similar to all adsorption dehumidifiers, they are built basing on an adsorption rotor made of carbon soaked in silica gel. Thanks to this, maximal dehumidification effect can be achieved. All DHM devices have bodies made of stainless steel. DHM…C adsorption dehumidifier with an electric regeneration heater and a single common fan is a solution dedicated to systems that work with selection of fresh air.

  • stainless steel body
  • dust-free, washable, durable drying rotor
  • small weight, handles enabling moving
  • adjusted to connection of round ventilation dust ducts and elastic wires
  • high dehumidification efficiency, single common fan
  • G4 class process filters
  • they can be used in construction industry, storage space dehumidification, water treatment plants, military objects, production halls
  • dehumidifiers can work in the full humidity range (0-100%RH) and below zero temperatures (-25C to +40C)


Technical data:
DEHUMIDIFIER TYPE Capacity* [kg/h] Dry air** [m3/h] Wet air [m3/h] Power consumption [kW] Dimensions [mm]
DHM 06C 0.6 140 45 0.9 305 460 390
DHM 09C 0.9 330 60 1.3 350 410 390
DHM 11C 1.1 360 60 1.6 350 410 390
DHM 12C 1.2 200 50 1.7 350 410 390
DHM 16C 1.6 300 90 2.2 510 450 525
DHM 19C 1.9 350 100 2.5 510 450 525
DHM 27C 2.7 500 180 3.6 700 695 785
DHM 42C 4.2 700 150 4.8 700 695 785

*for process air conditions t=+20⁰C, 60%RH

*for density 1.2 kg/m3

Principle of operation of dehumidifier DHM..C

The core of the adsorption dehumidifier is a silica gel drying rotor. Dehumidifying is done in the process part, where microscopic water particles are adsorbed at the rotor surface. Dry air is let to the process by the process air. Regeneration air is used to regenerate the rotor, which vaporizes water from the rotor after appropriate heating. The humid air is removed out.

DHM…C dehumidifier uses a single fan to let air to both processes: dehumidifying and rotor regeneration.

  • mechanical humidity sensor to control the device
  • electronic humidity regulator to control the device
  • support to hang the device on the wall
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Adsorption dehumidification technology is the most efficient dehumidification method. It is characterized by high efficiency and durability. Adsorption, washable drying rotor is the most element of the device. It can work 10-12 years, depending on operation conditions. Humidity that is removed from the air is adsorbed at the rotor surface and it does not interfere with its structure, so the rotor maintains its drying features for a long time.

Adsorption dehumidifiers are distinguished from other solutions by the possibility to work within the full range of humidity (0 to 100% RH) and very wide temperature range, including temperatures below zero (-25C to +40C).  Using adsorption dehumidifiers by LEWACO gives the option to achieve very low dew points (e.g. DP=-20C, DP=-25C for special versions).

Another advantage of adsorption dehumidifiers that is a result of their amazing durability is the possibility to achieve the effect of appropriate dehumidification with minimized amount of air necessary for this process. As a result, ventilation ducts and sizes are smaller.

Adsorption dehumidification basing on LEWACO devices can be used in all weather conditions, with all humidity levels, and guarantee efficient solution of the problem of humidity for long years.

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