A DHK dehumidifier is a device dedicated to museums and small storage spaces. This series is unique for its silent work and aesthetic design. It is a simple device with high efficiency, ready for immediate usage, in aesthetic and sound absorbing body. It is equipped with a control system, water tank and air filter. Thanks to its humidistat and an automatic defrosting function, power consumption costs are similar to a home fridge. Wheels, handles and small weight make the device mobile and easy to move to any location. DHK-14, 18 and 28 dehumidifiers bodies are made of material resistant to impact.

Principle of operation

Operation of condensing dehumidifiers DHK is based on outdropping of humidity in the air. The humid air is sucked into the dehumidifier by the fan system, and cleaned by a special air filter. Next the air is moved to a cold steam coil, where it is cooled down below the dew point, and water is outdropped. That water is removed by an elastic hose to the outflow, or directly to the tank. The dehumidified air is moved through the condenser, where its temperature is additionally increased several degrees, and then it is let out back to the room. Operation of the dehumidifier is controlled by setting a humidistat.


  • aesthetic body
  • low noise level
  • ecological freon
  • high efficiency
  • adjustable humidistat
  • automatic defrosting
  • inlet air filter
  • tank filling monitoring
  • heating function (DHK-14 and DHK-18)

Technical data

Model Room volume [m3] Air efficiency [m3/h] Inlet air parameters


Dehumidifying efficiency Noise [dB] Maximal power consumption [W] Weight [kg] Dimensions HxLxB Heating



DHK-14 up to 75 170 27/60
40 243 12 464x261x305 1000
DHK-18 up to 150 250 27/60
40 295 17 545x280x385 1000
DHK-28 up to 200 285 27/60
42 510 18 545x280x385