A condensation dehumidifier cools down the inlet air below the dew point. At the first stage, the humid air goes through a filter, the task of which is to catch dust from it. Then the air is led to a vaporizer, where it is cooled down below the dew point. At this stage, steam if condensed. Water from the air escapes to the tank (or to sewage); and the dry air moves through the condenser again, where it is heated. Eventually, the outlet air has a temperature equal to the one of the inlet air.



KT-38F and KT-58F are devices that can be satisfactorily used at water treatment plants, heated storages or museums. Light, aesthetic body made of material and wheels allow the device to be easily moved around the area. It is simple to operate through an electronic display located at the device. After entering an expected humidity level, the dehumidifier will pursue it by appropriately turning itself on or off. The dehumidifier removes also pollutants thanks to its filter.


  • aesthetic body
  • low noise level
  • ecological freon
  • pollution-removing filter
  • high efficiency
  • adjustable humidistat
  • automatic defrosting
  • inlet air filter
  • tank filling monitoring


Thanks to their construction and equipping them with big wheels, the KT-90F and KT-120F dehumidifiers are dedicated especially to construction works and to dehumidifying water treatment plants. Most construction works require large amounts of water which is then left in walls, floors, and ceilings. In order to continue the work, water has to be removed. Later, during finishing works, it is again beneficial to accelerate the dehumidification process of gypsum walls, plasterwork, drying paint etc. In case of dehumidification of a building can be seen when dehumidifying equipment is used. They liquefy humid from the air, and allow continuous absorption of humidity from walls, ceilings and floors. The devices should be located in a closed area in order to limit access to the cold air outside. KT-90F and KT-120F dehumidifiers, besides pollution, remove also unpleasant smells thanks to their filters. A built-in electronic controller allows to set a required relative humidity and to read the current humidity level at the display.


  • Automatic defrosting installed by default
  • Possibility to work in low temperatures from 3°C
  • High dehumidification efficiency
  • Filter removing pollutions and unpleasant smells
  • Electronic humidity sensor with a display
  • Eco-friendly cooling factor
  • The dehumidifier is adjusted to continuous work
  • Possibility to connect to ventilation ducts
  • Handles and wheels facilitating operation and transport, body resistant to impact


Industrial condensate dehumidifier KT-130F is a professional device, dedicated both to operation in harsh conditions that can occur during work, and in places with temporary low temperatures. Thanks to a high volume of channeled air, it can be used in large spaces. Resistant body and big wheels make the device mobile and the construction resistant. Reliable and durable cooling system makes the device much more resistant.


  • high dehumidification efficiency
  • high discharge air volume
  • possibility to work in low temperatures from 2°C
  • big wheels and resistant body
  • polyurethane filters adapted to cleaning
  • possibility to hang the device on the wall and install ventilation ductwork
  • capacious condensate tank
  • controlled by adjustable humidistat

Technical data

ParameterKT-38F dehumidifierKT-58F dehumidifierKT-90F dehumidifierKT-120F dehumidifierKT-130F DEHUMIDIFIER

Air efficiency



Dehumidifying capacity

For t=30⁰C and 80%RH [l/24h]


Dehumidifying capacity

For t=20⁰C and 60%RH [l/24h


Power consumption

For t=20⁰C and 60%RH [W]

Cooling factorR290R290R290R290R290
Tank capacity [l]7715
Weight [kg]19,819,8485165
Dimensions HxLxB [mm]630x295x400630x295x400843x590x446843x590x4461055x540x475