As a manufacturer of the delivered adsorption dehumidifier, LEWACO wishes to take care of your dehumidifiers and guarantee the highest possible quality of maintenance services.

Service information

Dynamic development of DST Polska Sp. z o.o. goes along with care about the highest quality of maintenance services.

We have service points all over the country, which provide quick and efficient solutions.

Our maintenance offer covers:

Maintenance division of DST Polska Sp. z o.o. has maintenance agreements with users of dehumidifiers, thanks to which the cost of care of the devices and reaction times are as low as possible. We guarantee full delivery of operation materials, spare parts and components to the devices which were provided by us.

We are certain that cooperation with our company will ensure full efficiency of your devices, and you will be able to plan and reduce operation costs.

Considering your opinion about our products and having in mind your maximal satisfaction, you are welcomed to give us any suggestions or propositions.

In order to establish conditions of maintenance and service cooperation, please contact our office.

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Service agreement    

Maintenance division of DST Polska has maintenance agreements with users of dehumidifiers.

Why should you choose DST Polska as your service company?

Additionally, in case of DST dehumidifiers or other devices offered by DST Polska, please mind that: