During anti-corrosion and painting works, inside closed tanks, cisterns, pipelines etc., it is necessary to maintain a relative humidity level lower than 45%. It prevents creation and expansion of corrosion processes, increases quality and durability of the painted steel construction.

The dehumidification method offered by LEWACO has numerous advantages, thanks to which protection of the surface is long-term and certain.

Advantages of dehumidifiers

  • Possibility to carry on anti-corrosion works regardless of outside conditions, such as temperature, season, pollution level etc.
  • Timely finish of works – no downtimes, which provides savings on labour of 20%.
  • The contractor may plan and execute their task with no risk of costly downtime.
  • Very high quality of works.


Water does not outdrop on cold surfaces if the dew point of air touching it is lower than the temperature of the cold surface.


Iron and steel does not corrode if the relative humidity of air around it is lower than 50% RH.